What top looks good with summer short skirt

  In the summer when the weather is hot, most girls will choose to wear skirts. Short skirts are the favorite items of MMs in summer. For you with a good figure, it is even more generous when you show your legs. Of course, what kind of tops a short skirt is paired with is often very important, and it is about how to win in the crowd instantly and beautify yourself. Today, Jingwei Clothing Editor will share with you the experience and hope to help everyone.

White shirt with short sleeves

  First, with simple short sleeves: simple striped short sleeves with a short skirt looks pure and vivid, as if returning to campus, this type of collocation is suitable for students.

  Second, with long-sleeved white shirt: a single-color white shirt with a short skirt, looks formal and solemn, this type of matching is suitable for office workers.

  Third, with a sleeveless vest-style top: the style of the top is simple and elegant, and it looks generous with the short skirt. This type of collocation is suitable for dignified and serious women.

  Fourth, with a collar collar shirt: a collar collar strapless shirt with a short skirt, youth and a little sexy, this type of matching is suitable for students or young women.

  Okay, the above is the question of "what top is better with a short skirt?" If you have other questions, you can contact us and we are willing to serve you sincerely.

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