Choosing evening dresses at the banquet is a technical job, and you are the focus if you choose the right one

Date: 22 07-2020

  Evening dress is a very important piece of clothing for women, especially working women. In the workplace, there are often business events such as dinners, and it is necessary to wear evening dresses to the banquets. Today, let us take a look at a few evening dresses. From its design and characteristics to the one that meets your needs, how beautiful and sassy can you attend a banquet? Choosing an evening dress is a technical job, and choosing the right one is the focus of the audience.

evenings dresses

  1. Light blue irregular

  The main color of this dress is light blue, and the water blue gives a bright and lively feeling. The characteristic of this evening dress is the pattern it designs. This dress can try it on a tall little fairy. With dark blue high-heeled shoes and dark blue exaggerated bag in hand, the earrings can be worn with light blue earrings that cannot pass the chin. It is also a good choice.

evening dress

  2. Dark blue

  adopts the overall main color of dark blue, which gives a deep and mysterious feeling. The underside of the clothes is designed in an irregular shape, short in the front and long in the back. From the front, the legs of the little fairy can be elongated, and it looks a little higher-profile. Stepping on high heels of the same color, holding a dark blue bag in hand, and wearing a pair of exaggerated earrings, the center of focus is the audience when you go in and out.

  3. Suit + skirt

  This evening dress is matched with a suit on top and a skirt on the bottom. The main color of the whole body is white. There is not much modification on the upper body. There is only a white belt. The skirt length of the lower body reaches the ankles. The fabric gives a bright texture. Stepping on light-colored high heels, holding a light-colored bag in hand, and paired with a pair of exaggerated earrings, it is handsome and cold.

  4. Dovetail

  The main color of this evening dress is white. The highlight of the design is the dovetail behind the lower body, which adds some fashion sense to this pure white evening dress. Dovetails can visually lengthen people's height, modify the proportions of short legs and poor body length. The shirt above is simple white. Because of the simplicity of the upper body, people naturally focus on the lower body, putting on a light-colored stockings, stepping on light-colored high heels, and holding light-colored bags.

Clothes + pants evening dress

  5. Clothes + pants

  The matching of this evening dress is top and pants. Zheng Tao looks like its highlight lies in its top. The main color of the top is blue and black. The irregular design adds a touch of beauty to the top. The deep V-neck design shows better To show the charm of a woman, the length of the jacket only reaches the waist, so you need to wear high-waisted trousers for the lower body. A pair of exaggerated earrings is also a good choice.


  When I look bright, the color of this dress is already preconceived. The main color of the whole dress is orange. The highlight of this dress is the orange shawl on the upper body. The length of the whole costume is below the knee and above the ankle. The lower body is mainly light orange, the feet are light-colored high-heeled shoes, and the light-colored bag is in hand. Since its neck already has a shawl as a decoration, this evening dress can be worn without earrings.

JINGWEI Europe and America

  7. Irregular paragraph

  The main color of this evening dress is white. White always gives people a simple and pure feeling. The semi-high round neck design above can better modify the neck line. The white belt in the middle outlines the perfect waist shape. The highlight of this suit is its lower body. The lower body is in an irregular shape. The white stripes increase the layering of the clothing. This dress is suitable for tall fairies with shallow upper body and feet. Color high heels, light-colored bag in hand, and a pair of quicksand earrings, perfect.

  You are always satisfied with the above styles. If you are not satisfied, you can contact us to customize the style you need, and let Jingwei help you create the evening dress that suits you best.

Warm Reminder:All OEM styles only show what type of products we did, but all the design and intellectual property right belong to our final clients.
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