Why are non-woven bags environmentally friendly

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Why are non-woven bags environmentally friendly?


Many retailers and consumers alike are beginning to have a heightened awareness of the need to be more eco-friendly.


This has led many stores and shoppers to start using reusable bags instead of the traditional plastic bag that has a reputation of not being eco-friendly.


Reusable tote bags are often made of fabric known as non-woven fabric, which can come in many different forms and be made from different materials. 


But are these non-woven bags really more eco-friendly than the traditional plastic alternatives?


Non-woven bags can be more eco-friendly than single-use plastic bags provided that they are actually reused. But many of them are still made from some form of plastic material so they aren’t completely eco-friendly.


Continue reading, where we’ll explain what non-woven bags are made of and if some are more eco-friendly than others.


1. What Is Non-Woven Fabric?


Non-woven fabric refers to any fabric that is put together without the use of weaving or knitting.


Traditional woven fabrics such as those used for clothing are all made by turning the fibers into yarn and then weaving them together in various ways, regardless of what type of fiber the fabric is made of.


With non-woven fabrics, the fibers are bonded together either mechanically, thermally, or chemically without the use of a loom. The fibers also aren’t turned into yarn first.


Non-woven fabrics can be made out of a variety of different fiber types and can have a multitude of characteristics depending on what type of fiber the fabric is made of.


However, it is worth noting that when it comes to non-woven bags, they are usually made out of one of two materials: polypropylene or polyester.


Non-woven polypropylene bags are the most common and are used or given away by stores and businesses for promotional purposes or in place of regular plastic bags.


But it can be very hard to tell the difference between polyester and polypropylene non-woven bags because they both have similar textures and properties.


2. How Are Non-Woven Bags Made?


To make non-woven bags, polypropylene or polyester polymers are spun into long fluffy threads using a combination of heat and air.


The threads are pressed together between hot rollers to create fabric.


Different pieces are then cut out of the fabric and sewn or attached to each other to create the bag itself.


Non woven bag


3. Are Non-Woven Bags Eco-Friendly?


Although non-woven bags are eco-friendly in the sense that they can be reused over and over again, they are not entirely eco-friendly due to what they are made of.


Both polypropylene and polyester are forms of plastic that are created as a result of refining crude oil.


To make polypropylene and polyester, crude oil has to be refined with different chemicals and heavy manufacturing processes in order to create plastic polymers and give them certain characteristics.


There is the potential for pollution throughout the process of making plastic, including during the collection of the crude oil and the refinement of it.


Pollution could come in the form of an oil spill as well as air pollution through greenhouse gas emissions and soil and water pollution as a result of chemicals being leached or not being disposed of properly.


The process of turning the polypropylene and polyester polymers into bags isn’t as bad for the environment as the process of making the polymers in the first place.


Mostly mechanical processes are used, although the amount of energy used is still high in order to operate the machinery. 


Most of the energy used comes from burning fossil fuels, which isn’t sustainable and has the potential to produce greenhouse gas emissions as well.


However, as long as you reuse non-woven bags as much as possible – especially for grocery shopping – you can still be eco-friendly since you won’t be using as many single-use plastic bags.


4. Are Non-Woven Bags Sustainable?


Again, non-woven bags can be sustainable as long as you reuse them as much as possible and for as long as possible.


But the materials that they are made out of are not sustainable since crude oil is a non-renewable resource.


Since crude oil is used to not only make polypropylene and polyester but a lot of other plastics as well, it will eventually run out.


And despite them being reusable, more non-woven bags are still being made which leads to more crude oil having to be refined as a result.


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