What to wear in a chiffon skirt

What to wear in a chiffon skirt that is too transparent

Fecha: 07 09-2020

  Summer is here, and many beautiful girls have begun to wear skirts, and the snowy square skirt is very popular. The material of the snowy square skirt will look very fairy. Now let Jingwei Clothing Company tell you what to do if the chiffon skirt is too transparent? What do you wear in the ski skirt?

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  What to do if the chiffon skirt is too transparent

  Although summer is the season of exposed flesh, it is a bit embarrassing to expose too much, especially those MMs who wear white ski skirts, should always be careful to leave. If your white snow skirt is too thorough to wear, then think of a way to make yourself "conservative", after all, wearing elegant is king.

  1, with a tube top inside

  If the white chiffon skirt has only a thin layer, it doesn’t matter, a black or white tube top will look sexy and elegant.

  2, take a small vest outside

  If you don't feel the restraint of the tube top, you can also wear a small vest to cover the too transparent area (especially the chest), and at the same time increase the sense of layering.

  3, choose loose models

  White chiffon skirts have relatively transparent problems, if you want to be cute, you can choose a looser one size, so that even if the skirt is thin, it will not be too dark.

  What to do if the chiffon skirt is wrinkled

  1. Naturally dried

  Don't worry about slight wrinkles, just wash it with water, then gently wring it out, flatten it with a hand, and dry it in the sun, and the wrinkles on the skirt can be restored.

  2. flat squeeze

  If the natural drying doesn't work, just use the skirt to flatten the whole piece, put heavier clothes on it, and press it for a few days. When you look at it after a while, the skirt will be much flatter.

  3. semi-dry ironing

  If none of the above methods work, you should send an iron. Wash the skirt first. When the seven layers are dry, put a layer of wet cloth on the skirt, then adjust the comfort bucket to a suitable temperature, and lightly iron on the wet cloth. After the skirt dries, it will become straight and flat. Up.

  Although chiffon skirts are the clothes that ladies and friends like to wear in summer, they should be prevented from running out. If you want to know more products and apparel, you can contact us.

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